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Menu options – meat, fish and vegetarian

Please scroll down the list and choose your delicious chef prepared ready meals, which are frozen for your convenience. You can select the amount you require when you have clicked on ‘Add to Cart’ and payment is via PayPal.  We will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a convenient time to drop to your door and we deliver free within a 15 mile radius of Hitchin when you order over £50.  If you don’t want to order online or if you don’t have a PayPal account, call us on 01462 436444 and we will be pleased to take your order over the telephone.

Clockhouse Thai Chicken

A blend of both green and red Thai curry paste, cooked in coconut milk with baby corn and French beans then finished with fresh coriander, this is our signature dish which has proved extremely popular for the last 10 years. £6.30

Boeuf Bourguignon

Classic French dish of beef slowly cooked in red wine with mushrooms, shallots and smoked pancetta. £6.90

Beef in Old Speckled Hen

A casserole of slow cooked beef marinated in Old Speckled Hen ale with carrots and Portobello mushrooms. Delicious served with our Colcannon Mash. £6.50

Clockhouse Shepherd’s Pie

A traditional dish made with minced lamb and beef flavoured with thyme then topped with a Maris Piper mash. £4.80

Clockhouse Chilli

This recipe uses the finest lean ground beef, chillies and a special blend of spices, making it a house favourite for parties and informal suppers. £4.80

Moroccan Chicken

The chicken is stir fried in a Ras El Hanout spice mix then slow cooked with preserved lemons and olives in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with a little white wine and finished with roasted sweet potato and fresh coriander. £6.50

Chicken & Chorizo

Chicken flavoured with Spanish sweet smoked paprika is stir fried with the chorizo then slow cooked in a saffron-infused tomato and white wine sauce with roasted sweet peppers. £5.90

Mango Chicken

Pieces of chicken fillet are marinated overnight in a Teriyaki and Worcestershire sauce then slow cooked in white wine and tomato sauce mixed with red pepper and French beans, finished with fresh coriander. £6.30

Chicken & Root Vegetable Casserole

A simple casserole of chicken fillet and seasonal root vegetables slow cooked in a chicken stock with tarragon and tomatoes. £5.60

Pork in a Three Mustards Sauce

Succulent strips of pork loin are pan fried with onions, red peppers and mushrooms then blended in a crème fraiche and white wine sauce flavoured with English, Dijon and wholegrain mustard. £6.20

Moroccan Lamb

Similar to our chicken version, this has a richer finish as it is slow cooked with tomatoes and white wine with chick peas and roasted sweet potatoes, finished with fresh coriander. £7.80

Mix and Match Sausage & Mash

Your choice of caramelised red onion, Cumberland or traditional butcher’s sausages (3) served in rich red onion gravy with wholegrain mustard, Stilton, or horseradish cream mash. Please note we change the flavour of the sausages throughout the year so check before ordering. £4.90

Venison in Port & Guinness with Pickled Walnuts

The richest of casseroles, the venison is marinated in the port red wine and Guinness for two days, then slow cooked with pickled walnuts and onions. Any of our mashes complement this rich and warming casserole. £7.60

Clockhouse Luxury Fish Pie

A blend of salmon, naturally smoked haddock and cod loin poached in a sauce of white wine and stock, we add griddled asparagus to this dish before finishing it off with a mash of Maris Piper potatoes. £7.70

Roasted Salmon Rigatoni & Sweet Pepper 

A popular lunch or supper dish, the pasta is tossed after cooking in a traditional Genovese pesto then bound with steamed broccoli and sweet peppers in a sauce of mozzarella and cheddar cheese topped with shaved Parmesan. £6.30

Jack Daniels & Port Pâté

This pâté has two luscious flavours of Jack Daniels bourbon and port giving it a rich smooth taste.

Works well as a great starter with Melba toast or French bread and mixed leaves for that summer lunch. (Double portion) £5.75

Clockhouse Tuna Pasta Bake (v)

Still an old favourite, we add some sweet peppers and a little pesto to the pasta to give it that extra flavour. £4.80


Vegetarian options

Cauliflower Cheese with Griddled Asparagus & Roasted Cherry Tomato (v)

The cauliflower is steamed to retain its natural flavour and then bound in our own cheese sauce and finished with the roasted asparagus and cherry tomato. £5.25

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable and Pasta Gratin (v)

We roast courgettes, sweet peppers, butternut squash and red onion in extra virgin olive oil flavoured with oregano. This is mixed with rigatoni pasta and topped with a Parmesan cheese sauce.£5.80

Roasted Sweet Potato & 10 Bean Chilli (v)

Yes – 10 different beans into a chilli pot with oregano, chilli flakes and cumin, our own roasted tomato passata and finished with roasted sweet potato – healthy and delicious dish for any occasion. £5.20

Roasted Veg Ratatouille (v)

A twist on the old French favourite! We roast all the vegetables in a little extra virgin olive oil flavoured with garlic and herbs, and finish off with a little of our own roasted tomato passata. £4.90

Clockhouse Veggie Shepherd’s Pie (v)

This is so popular with meat eaters as well as vegetarians. A blend of five vegetables, puy lentils and black-eyed beans, slow cooked with thyme, rosemary and sage then finished with a Maris Piper mash. A dish that would work well with our Cauliflower Cheese. £5.60

Colcannon Mash (v)

A traditional Irish potato dish with Savoy cabbage and spring onions, a little cream to finish with the Maris Piper mash and you have a perfect accompaniment to any casserole. £2.80

Luxury Mashed Potato (v)

Our mash is not really mash as the potatoes are whisked with a little butter and crème fraiche and seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. We offer a selection of additional ingredients, such as Stilton, wholegrain mustard and goat’s cheese, or simply plain. From £2.20 per portion.